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CCSF Board of Trustees Special Meeting to vote on massive layoffs–Monday, May 10 at 4:00 p.m.. Zoom link here. Call in info: 415 762 9988 or 669 900 6833 ID: 9316 7138 535 Requests to make public comment must be submitted in advance, no later than 30 minutes before the start of the meeting, via email to: or via phone to: 669.444.1266.
Please submit the following information:
1. Name
2. Meeting Name and Date
3. Agenda Item Number
4. Phone number if participating by phone

Discussion with authors Marcy Rein, Mickey Ellinger, Vicki Legion and others on Free City! The Fight to Save San Francisco’s City College and Education for All Thursday, May 13 5-6:30 p.m. See registration information below.


For additional actions Join Our Campaign.

Fill out the CCSF Administration’s HEERF (federal government relief funds) priorities survey using the Rebuild City College Campaign recommendations. You will also find a fact checking document embedded in our recommendation letter.

Sign the open letter to the CCSF Board of Trustees here.

Two more actions you can take now:

Action #1: Write to the City College of San Francisco Board of Trustee members.

Here are the trustees’ email addresses:,,,,,,

Send the sample letter below. Feel free to personalize it to include what City College means to you and how it has changed your life.

Click here to send the letter automatically.

Dear Trustees:

Thank you for your commitment to City College. I am writing to oppose the class cuts and faculty layoffs that you are considering making.  CCSF should be the engine of our much-needed economic recovery, yet terminating up to 60 percent of its faculty and drastically downsizing many of its programs will do just the opposite, shrinking CCSF to a shadow of its former self and harming thousands of students for generations to come.

The proposed cuts will decimate the ESL and Disabled Students programs, both of which bring much-needed funds to the College. The Nursing Program will be cut by 50%, which may lead to the loss of the department’s Board of Nursing accreditation. The termination of the Aircraft Maintenance Program is leaving students just months away from completing the program without certification. Music, art, dance and many other departments will also be severely reduced.  

Instead, I ask that you demand that the Administration develop a concrete plan for the growth of our college, starting by using Covid relief funding to protect our programs and classes.  Further, tell the Administration to end enrollment suppression by sending postcards with links to course schedules to every household in the city, fixing the broken registration system, employing a suitable number of counselors and admissions staff and, of course, by not eliminating popular courses. 

Please, do not go along with the recommendations of the Administration but with the needs of the people you serve, the people of San Francisco. Vote to save our college. 

Thank you.


Your name


Action #2: Write to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors members.

Here are the supervisors’ email addresses:,,,,,,,,,

Send the sample letter below. Feel free to personalize it to include what City College means to you and how it has changed your life.

Click here to send the letter automatically.

Dear Supervisor __________________:

This is (your name). I’m a (your relationship to CCSF- Faculty, student, supporter, if you’re in their district, etc.)

I am writing because City College of San Francisco, a vital institution, is in crisis.  The current administration’s plans to lay off over 60% of its faculty. This will trigger drastic class cuts, causing at least 31,000 students to lose their educational opportunities. While these cuts hurt all faculty, they disproportionately impact our BIPOC faculty. However, during the discussion of the resolution authorizing the issuance of these pink slips, our administration insisted that the “supermajority” of faculty being laid off are white, and that, while we’re not a very diverse group of faculty, the cuts are proportionate to our existing demographics. Their promise to provide subsequent demographic impact data has remained unfulfilled, but the initial data presented paints a very distressing picture of these impacts.

Especially now, when CCSF is the key to getting San Franciscans retrained and back to work in the post-pandemic economy, it makes no sense to shrink the college.  Although long-term under-funding at the state level is the real cause of this crisis, right now, we need emergency assistance from our city, and visionary leadership at the college to maximize the use of this money while also aggressively driving up student enrollment.

San Franciscans realize how important a vibrant CCSF is for the future of our city and are counting on your leadership. Will you work to provide emergency and ongoing funding from the City’s budget to help offset the effect of these devastating cuts to City College of San Francisco?

Thank you.


Your name

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