Our Mission and Goals

The Rebuild City College Campaign is working toward a sustainable and equitable future for City College of San Francisco. We include students, faculty, and other employees at the college along with community supporters.

We want to reclaim the City College budget to empower our most marginalized students with a comprehensive community college education while keeping needed class sections open and saving the jobs of CCSF staff and faculty.

We stand in solidarity with the faculty and classified unions.

Our Analysis

City College has a structural deficit problem. Our expenses exceed our revenue. The difference between the administration’s plan and Rebuild’s alternative is that Rebuild emphasizes revenue expansion through aggressive enrollment outreach while the administration’s plan focuses on reducing expenses by dramatically cutting our major source of revenue: student enrollment.

While the administration dismisses federal and state recovery money as “one time band-aids,” Rebuild envisions those multi-million dollar infusions as the bridge to a reinvigorated City College.

Marty Hittelman, former California Federation of Teachers president, says: “There are no one-time funds.” “What?” we say. “Yes,” he replies. “There are no one-time funds, because you take those funds and invest them in enrollment growth which increases revenue for years to come.” 

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